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About Schlegel Elektrokontakt (M) Sdn Bhd

Schlegel ElektrokontaktOur parent company - Schlegel Elektrokontakt Co (FE) Pte Ltd in Singapore, is an associated company of Georg Schlegel GmbH & Co, a German manufacturer of fine quality industrial control units and terminal blocks, the Schlegel Elektrokontakt group of companies in the Far East are solution provider for process monitoring & control.

The Schlegel Elektrokontakt group of companies in the Asia Pacific region, vare endowed with German’s culture of industriousness, innovation and precision. All activities; sales, marketing, distribution and product services have one objective : full customer satisfaction.

Constant search for new solutions to meet customer’s demand for high product quality and faster delivery services are top priorities. Products and services must be further improved and never accepting things as they are. The effort made for customer satisfaction is well worth it.

Our specialisation involves providing idea, design and concept in the field of visualization, both in static and dynamic information display for command centre, supervisory and control rooms. Schlegel award winning design control units enhance conventional design control panel to an ergonomically design and fine quality product

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